Random Pictures - February 2008

We had to make one final trip up to the mountains before leaving the state...my first few years out here I had a season
pass every year, but that slowly dwindled to just an occasional visit (I think it was the awful drive, and going there and
back in a single day to many times that mostly slowed the trips down).

Todd joined us as well, getting all super awesome in his tech dog helmet.

Obviously, we picked a beautiful day for our final ride...no powder, but the slopes were groomed perfectly and not many
folks were there.  It was all about cruising around going mach ten down the hills.

The view going up the chair lift...goddamn, I'm going to miss seeing this.

In other news, here is a close-up of a tree.

Junk food break. No day on the mountain is complete without one. 

Right before we left at the end of the month, we had some friends meet up with us at Doc's Clock for going away
drinks and the such.  Brian and Trott made an appearance...

...as did Brandy, who was caught by surprise (she had never seen a camera before).

Brent even made an appearance even though he had just had a baby like two days before this.   Well, his wife had the
baby technically, if it was him that had it they would have probably talked about it on the news.  And of course my good
man Todd made a show of it.

Sharon and Ian got the long distance trip award for the evening, as they live about two blocks away.  Ian's moustache
didn't manage to make the trip though.

As exciting as it was that Missy was there, it is more important that you take note of the face Trott is making in the

Lisa Dragonlady made an appearance!

That is the face of a man being kept up at night by a new baby.

I'm running out of ways to say people were there.  Christy!

Brendan joined in after soccer practice...

I've waited my whole life to be able to refer to two of my friends as "C+C Music Factory" (or Conan and Colin, if we're
being formal).

Manny popped in with a pleasant greeting (far right).  Goddamned latino bastard.

Goodbye shuffleboard, I'll miss you.