Random Pictures - December 2007

I had to go over to the Pier 39 area to pick up a present for my mom, and it just so happened that it was around sunset,
on a clear day, and I had my camera in my pocket...so you get a few tourist shots of the major landmarks.

Later that night I hooked up for dinner with my good man Darren, an old college friend, who was in town from Whale's
Vagina er, San Diego on a work trip.  We ate burritos and made fun of everyone we saw.  It was just like old times. 

Driving across the bridge is like a poor man's version of light speed.

At some point during the month we went to one of those indie shopping things and ran into Sharon and Ian and more
importantly, Ian's moustache. 

I got my eye gashed open playing basketball, and by my own teammate no less.  First time I've gotten stitches since
I was a little kid (5th grade if I'm not mistaken).  That'll teach me to hustle for offensive rebounds. 

Further evidence of the hospital visit.

December is a big month of birthdays, and my good man Conan went and turned the dirty thirty on us (he'd be the one
in the crown, obviously).

As tech smart as Tack is, he is the opposite with disposible point-n-shoot cameras.  And Chelsea wasn't much help,
instead focusing on her imbibations.

Tack then reenacted the monkey scene from 2001 and began banging the camera on the ground and grunting loudly. 

Bar dog wants beer.

This is what a bar looks like.  Exciting.

This photo is included here for the sole purpose of making fun of the hilarious face Conan is making.

It is almost as rediculous as the one I am making. 

My good man Paulie makes for a poor excuse of a flasher. 

Tack took over the Djing while Conan made with the tasty alcoholic drinks and chatting up his friends. 

Terrible action shot of the birthday "key lime pies" being blown out.  Pies?!?  Oh you Central Valley'ns and your crazy

After tagging this truck outside the bar I figured it was time to go home. 

Another birthday, this time in the form of Chelsea's baby brother Skyler. 

I was in charge of cake cutting, which of course meant putting on the decorative cake-cutting wig.

We played with his Wii...wait that doesn't sound right.  Either way, it was my first time every playing with anyone's Wii, honest.

The old man and his old lady, barrels of excitement at all times. 

And a final birthday - Baby Jebus!  We went to LA for christmas.  And by LA, I mean the valley, where all the excitement
happens.  Ecitement like comically oversized remote controls.

I got a Chelsea for my christmas present.  Since there was no reciept in the box to make for an easy exchange,
I decided to keep her.

This next group of photos is a set I'd like to entitle "driving around the valley, where porn is king and strip malls are
more plentiful than air".

Take note: this dude is totally checkin' out that chick's ass.

On our drive back to the Yay area, we stopped off in Solvang and got our windmill on.