Random Pictures - August and September 2011

Lots of animals in this set of pictures.  And I'm married to one of them. 

Had an impromptu photo session with Chelsea and Burt in the back yard.  Things started out normal...

Then Chelsea relaxed and let her guard down...

Which led Burt to getting a little too close and personal...

And eventually, it started getting into an animal porn situation with Burt trying to take advantage of my wife.  .

In other news, we had a fence installed.  So now Burt can run around in the backyard.  Even if he'd rather sleep in the house all the time.

Mouse the cat doing her usual...catting around on the bed.

There were a ton of frogs on our back patio all summer.  Or toads...I can never tell.  This lens isn't really suited for close up reptile shots. 

Butterfly creeping on the backyard flowers. 

Eastern Bluebird, all puffed up.

House Finch, looking normal...

...and then he got all puffy too.  Not sure what got into these birds. 

This guy was hanging out on the carport one day - pretty sure it was a Dove chick, freshly emerged from the nest. 

It didn't want to fly at first, just sorta walking around, and eventually it got up enough guff to fly up in this bush. 

Took this one night in Durham. 

Creepy Writer Spider is creepy. 

Carolina Wren just chatting up a storm.  For such small birds they are loud fuckers. 

Carolina Chickadee...it sometimes feels like there are hundreds of these in my yard at a time.  Cute, tiny little bastards. 

I think this is a juvenile Red-Bellied Woodpecker, but it could be a juvenile Red-Cockaded Woodpecker.  Either way, it's definitely a

Cardinal hanging out at the bird feeder.  The bottom half of this bird feeder would go empty in just a day or two in the middle of the summer. 

They also ate the shit out of the dogwood berries.