Random Pictures - August 2009

Playing with my new camera, I took a bunch of random pictures...Waffle House on Hillsborough Street. 

The front of our house at some crazy early hour of the morning. 

Chelsea took this photo on our back porch one day...we had no idea what it was but according ot the internet it is a Candy
Striped Leafhopper.  Apparently they are fairly common but in my 33 years on this planet I'd never seen one of these things.

Chelsea also took a photo of our living room and for whatever reason I decided I would post it so you can look jealously at our
dog painting collection (we have even more than this now).

Giant spider at the back of the house.  I think these are called writer spiders?  Either way, he was just slightly smaller than my

Glamour shot of Burt Reynolds.  a fancy beagle amongst the greenery.

My daily work routine...oh look it's step 5.2 of the preval processor!

I went to some shows...here's a crappy crowd shot of Hammer No More the Fingers.   This and the next few photos were taken
at the CD release party for the local band compilation "Hear Here" or maybe it was "Here Hear", either way it's pretty good.

And after them, Birds of Avalon played.  Here Paul is making his guitar gently weep.  What the helll does a weeping guitar sound
like anyways?  Stupid Eric Clapton.

The final band that night was Annuals.  The kids go nuts for these guys.  There is a really hot girl in the band, which doesn't hurt
their popularity.

Rob and Ivan were there enjoying the festivities with me (Ivan even performed a song with Birds of Avalon, a rocked-out version
of the Rosebuds song on the compilation).

Local man-on-the-scene Grayson was spotted giving a thumbs up as he left the Cradle as I fooled around with the B&W setting
on my camera. 

Bad art photos (aka testing the low light capabilities of my new camera) walking back to my car.  Flyer pole.

Erectus Monotone got back together for Merge XX, and I didn't have a ticket for that night.  Luckily, they played another show a
month later at Tir Na Nog and I was front and center to catch the action.  It felt like I was transported to my early college years. 

No idea if they will play anymore shows after this one, buy my ears and eyes certainly hope they do.