Random Pictures - April and May 2011

Brian came up to go see Destroyer.  They destroyed.

Spring was sprunging. 

Between the old folks who lived here before us and Chelsea's plantings, our yardis thick with flowers. 

And we have enough nandina bushes to start a nursery. 

There was a dove nesting in the azalea bush outside of our window for a while, but then some creature got to it's eggs.  Nature!

I think from here on out most of the photos are me dicking around with my new camera, trying to figure out settings and such. 

Portrait of a beggar. 

Yard rabbit!!!  We have a ton of them.  Cute bastards, but they can tear up some plants. 

Fat bird is fat.

We discovered Mouse might be an Egyptian Mau.  So now I call her Egyptian Mause. 

Burt working hard on devouring a bone...

...and subsequently tuckered out when he finishes it. 

The infamous Raleigh Firestone sign, most likely taken from my car window after a show at Kings. 

Who knew giant rolls of blank newsprint rode skateboards?