Random Pictures - April 2015

You know, random photos.  From April.  

Backstage at the Sylvan Esso show in Carrboro was a who's who of the local indie folk glitterati, including my homeslice Phil from the
Bowerbirds and his wee one.  Good dude.  

My partners in crime the night of that show - Rob and Brian.  

Brown thrasher in the backyard.  I can't help but like these birds, even though they are constantly kicking up the mulch onto the front side-
walk, total asshole behavior.  

Tufted titmouse - unlike the thrasher, a nice, well-behaved bird.  Never stirring up shit or making a mess.  

I'm not sure if it's the same red-shouldered hawk I keep seeing in my backyard, or if different ones just like hanging out back there.  Either
way, awesome looking birds that let me get close enough to them to take photos.  They do look at me with disdain though.  

Wife and dog.  He makes the weirdest face when you pick him up.  

Look at those gray ears and light face...he's becoming an old man.  It gets really depressing if you think about it too much...  

Let's focus instead on photos of him getting excited when I hold a ball in the air!

Barking at it...listen here, ball!

Play bow and preparing for the chase as soon as I throw it.  Good dog.