Random Pictures - April 2009

The family requested some photos of the house and flowers during the spring, which I emailed to them but decided to post here
as well because...because I like to post stupid photos I guess. 

Giant rose.

We had a bunch of azalea bushes firing off in all manner of colors. 

This is Mouse's number one napping spot - in her chair by the window, baking in the sun.

Burt putting on a sad face in the hopes of suckering us into giving him more treats. 

We had some house wrens build a nest in a storage box...there was four eggs and all hatched healthy.  But the really cool part
is we just happened to be hanging around near the nest when they all decided it was literally time to leave the nest...they just
leapt right off the edge, one after another.  It was insane and amazing at the same time. 

The last two preparing to leap.

Post leap, trying to figure out what in the world they've gotten themselves into. 

Their wings not fully working yet, this one climbs towards the freedom of the big wide world. 

Since beagles are of British origin, it's no surprise that Burt has taken to playing soccer. 

I know you aren't allowed to use your hands in soccer, but I'm not entirely sure what the rulebook says about carrying the ball in
your mouth.