Various Random Christmas Photos December 2005  

A few random pics from the holiday season...

Holiday Party #1 - my good pal and former college roommate Brandy has one of those "close to xmas"
birthdays, so we straggled over to her and her boyfriend Clay's apartment for a birthday/xmas party
combo.  Her dog Hula modeled her new winter coat for us with great aplomb.

And then there was a tasty homemade cake to enjoy.  Cake!  I love cake.  

At some point after that we ended up in a bar.  Here Clay and I are most likely having a meaningful
converasation about death, taxes, and what-have-you.  Obviously.

College roomies, still kickin' it adult-style.

Here I took a self-portrait of me and Chelsea.  The streaky lines over her face symbolize her

Holiday Party #2 - gift swap at Sharon's house.  I was obviously the grand prize.

The hostess (often times, with the mostest).  Somehow these are the only two photos I got from this
party, and I'm not sure why.

The Junget-Thomas houshold festive corner wishes you "happy holidays and shit!"