Trip to Quebec, Part Two: Quebec City - July 2013

Next on the agenda: a train ride to Quebec City, and a little tourist'n. 

Sights from the train ride...

Lots of farm land. 

The old part of Quebec City is surrounded by walls, the only walled city in North America they say.  I haven't been to every city to verify so I'll
have to take their word for it. 

Old buildings.  I took lots of photos of old buildings. 

And colorful buildings too.

Chelsea said to take a photo of this place, so I did.

Shop dog barely looked at me when I petted him. 

The St. Lawrence river at the end of the street. 

Lots of churches in this town, just like Montreal.

Le Chateau Frontenac, the most dominating building in the QC skyline.  Lots of photos get taken of it, and for good reason. 

Phone version. 

Down below the fancy hotel is a 1920's-style boardwalk.  I felt like I was on "Boardwalk Empire," minus the wool suit. 

We took a tour of their huge old fort on the hill, the Citadel, which is still an active base.  Much to my surprise Canada also does the "silent
guard in a silly hat" thing, just like England.  I can't think of a worse job. 

"I Remember." The Quebec official motto, and here a reference to the loss of Canadian lives in WWI. 

The fort is sorta part museum, part active, with an actual active regiment stationed there. 

This is where they hide the fancy laser weapons, I assume. 

Chelsea on top of the fort.

The view of St. Lawrence from up there.  It's a big damn river. 

Just behind the fort a concert was going on, some Francophone band I'd never heard of but they sounded half decent. 

This is lower was pretty touristy, even more so than upper town, and nothing was very old though it was made to look that way. 
Not terribly exciting to be honest. 

This church might have been one of the few things that was actually old down there. 

Great sign, and recently featured in an episode of Anthony Bourdain's show.  Way too fancy for us to eat there. 

Another great sign, and we didn't eat here either - because it was closed. 

The official flag of Quebec City. 

We briefly stopped in the art museum and walked around for a while before we were told it
wasn't free (the guide book lied to us!). 

My favorite painting that we saw in the place. 

Grainy photobooth photos from the booth pictured above...we can never pass up a photobooth.