Trip to Quebec, Part Three: Saguenay - July 2013

The final part: driving north to the fjord.  Fjord...that's a fun word to say.  Warning: lots of repetative shots of really beautiful Canadian
nature and such.  If this is not of interest run away immediately. 

Our first stop was Montmorency Falls just outside of Quebec City.  Taller than Niagra falls!  Look how tiny those people are. 

The stairway down to the bottom of the falls.  Or you could drive around and park
at the bottom like we did. 

Tourist shot.

The top of the falls via the phone.  I walked out to the middle of the bridge and looked down.  It
was awesome. 

After that, we hit the road driving north.  We fueled both ourselves and the car on this.  Yes,
Canadian cars run off of jerky. 

It was two hours of driving through beautiful boreal forest and mountain lakes and nothing else. 

Seriously, it was just this for hours.  Amazing.  Oh, and fences to keep moose out of the road. 

We eventually got to our cute little hotel, Auberge de la Riviere Saguenay, and this was the
view from our deck. 

Down on the beach below the hotel...

Sunset from the hotel...

...and also from the beach.

While there we spent one whole day riding on a boat in the fjord.  We were the only English speakers on the thing. 

Inside the boat.  There was also plenty of room to sit outside. 

The water of the fjord was very dark and rust colored.  Very horror movie-ish. 

The co-captain of the ship.    She tried to pop her collar but the wind wasn't having it. 

at the end of Ha! Ha! Bay is a Rio Tinto plant, and it's pretty ugly, but once you get out/ past the small industrial part it's gorgeous the rest
of the way. 

Looking down the fjord. 

The views of the riverbanks (fjordbanks?) was varied - sometimes it was farms...

...other times it was our hotel (right in the center)...

...occasionally it was weird recreated old French colony-era farms...

...but mostly it was trees.  Lots and lots and lots of trees. 

Thankfully the sun started coming out eventually. 

The cliffs via the phone. 

We stopped for lunch in the cute little town of Sainte Rose du Nord.  It looked like we were visiting Switzerland. 

Low tide equals exploring the shoreline. 

Birch graffiti. 

Very picturesque. 

I think this weird little building was part of a campground. 

Back to floating down the fjord.

We hit some big cliffs at the turnaround spot to head back. 

French cliff graffiti.  "Le Dauphin."

Seals!!!  look in the middle, there's three of them there.  Not a great photo but only had my 50mm lens and the boat wasn't very close.  As
side note, the French word for seal soulds a hell of a lot like "fuck" and it was hilarious to my twelve year old mind to hear the guide say it
over and over. 

I forget what the name of this little community was, but there it is. 

The light house that notifies sailors of the split between Ha! Ha! Bay and the fjord continuing northward. 

On our final day the drive back to civilization was very nice but overcast and not very conducive to photos. 

Nature and shit. 

We briefly stopped at the tiny town of Sainte Anne de Beaupre.

Very colorful facade on an apparently old building. 

And this is why we stopped in the town - this giant ass church.  It wasn't particularly old,
but the size and craftsmanship were a sight to behold.