Trip to Quebec, Part One: Montreal - July 2013

We went on vacation to the French-speaking portion of Canada.  First stop: Montreal.

First stop within Montreal: Old Montreal.  Plenty of old shit there.  This is Notre Dame.  There are a lot of Notre Dames so don't get con-
fused, no football team here. 

These faces want to eat your soul.

And then spit your soul out. 

Notre Dame de Bon Secours, historically attended by sailors before setting off to sea. 

Hence the ships hanging from the ceiling on the inside. 

I'm just guessing here but it looks like they added a brick building next to an old house, then tore down the old house but the shared wall
had to stay.  Either way, it looks awesome. 

Ghost signs part 1. 

Ghost signs part 2.

Ghost signs part 3 (not actually in Old Montreal but it fit better here).

Some other Old Montreal shots from the phone...

Out front of some fancy restaurant.  Apparently it was there before the restaurant was. 

Great old photo sign.  Surprisingly there seemed to be a lot of camera stores all around town. 

Right next to Old Montreal is the Old Port area.  It is exactly what it sounds like. 

Oh Canada!

While eating some lunch from some food trucks this Asian marching band and their dapper bowtie'd leader came trotting past. 

The St. Lawrence river.  This will not be the first time you see this large bosy of water. 

An old grain elevator.  Apparently Montreal used to be king shit of the grain shipping business, but they tore down most of the old machinery. 

Retired grain silos. 

Habitat 67, built as part of Expo 67 (aka the 1967 World's Fair).  I could poorly explain what this thing is or you can just read about it here

Went to the Beaux Arts museum.  They were having a Chihuly exhibit, with this giant yellow blown glass tree parked out front. 

There were also these colored reflectors covering an entire street.  I've already forgotten the who and why but it looked cool. 

B far the best thing inside - they had two Basquiat paintings in their permanent collection.  Mesmerizing shit. 

The "old" paintings are very impressive, but more importantly they are full of hilarious faces...
like Derp the dog...

...and the originator of the five dollar footlong. 

We payed someone to take us on a bike ride all around town and tell us about shit.  It was a lot cooler and more fun than it sounds.  And
just exactly as sweaty as it sounds.  Chelsea is ready to go. 

My steed for the day. 

From here on out it's just random photos from around town...some seen while on the bike ride, others from just hiking all over town. 

Local youths. 

Gay Village was chock full of balls.  Sometimes you don't even need to try and be funny. 

A detail shot of the balls. 

Back porches in the alley. 

No idea what this building was but it was colorful.

As close as I got to the strip clubs.  Though taking photos of strip club signs might be creepier than just going in. 

One day for lunch we met up with one of Chelsea's online friends, Amanda.  Very nice gal, and a local, so I asked her 1000 inane questions.

Golden hour.

This could obviously be anywhere.  But it took it in Montreal, I promise. 

An old firehouse that I think might have been a firefighting museum.  Just walked
by though, did not go in. 

One of the 4,267 awesome churches scattered around the city. 

Despite the name, apparently this isn't pizza and spaghetti flavored, and rather fruit flavored. 
But I still didn't trust it. 

These, however, tasted awesome.  We went to Tim Hortons A LOT. 

Montreal moving humor. 

And finally, what motivated us to come to Quebec in the first place - Belle & Sebastian.  We
wanted to see them in concert on their current tour and they weren't playing anywhere near
home, so we made a vacation out of it.  They were amazing as always and I took a shitty photo
to prove it. 

Next: Quebec City!