Trip to Puerto Rico, Part Two: El Yunque - May 2011

After San Juan, we rented a car and drove out to El Yunque National Forest.  Apparently it's the only national forest in the U.S.
that is a rain forest. 

Lots of trees.  You know, foresty.

Leaves so big they dwarf Chelsea's face. 

Colorful flowers everywhere.  An all yellow bird of paradise I guess?

These were the orangest mushrooms I've ever seen.  I bet you'd totally be trippin' balls after eating those.  Or dead.

A banana or plantain tree.  Not ripe yet, so no snacky.

There were giant snails or slugs or whatever the hell these slimy bastards are everywhere.  With their pokey antenae going all
wiggly riggly in my general direction. 

Rasta tree. 



There were a lot of lizards is what I'm saying. 

Being a rain forest and all, plus it's pretty mountainous, well, waterfalls are inevitable. 

The close up.

The inevitable hand-held self portrait.  It just ain't a vacation without on of those. 

The observation tower from the top of the park. 

And the views from that tower...

When I say shit was jungly, I ain't lying.  I expected a Vietnam war movie to break out around me at any moment. 

There were bromeliads everywhere.  Shit growing on top of shit.

We took a bit of a hike to another waterfall.  The walk there was fine but the walk back was a real asshole. 

The falls were great, but I don't think we were the only ones who decided to walk down there. 

Getting a photo without a pile of people in front of it was tough.  And half-assed looking.