Trip to Puerto Rico, Part Three: Guanica - May 2011

Our final portion of the trip was in a small town on the southwest coast called Guanica.  It involved a whole lot of dicking around
the resort we were staying at.

It also involved a lot of time in this pool.

You know, resort shit.

Puerto Rican yacht.

Tropical flowers, there were lots of them. 

I only saw a couple of these lizards, they were like mini komodo dragons.  Quick little bastards too.

Crazy tropical bugs, all creepin' and crawlin' and such in their fancy colorful garb.

Super sweet kitty that seemed to live in the dive shop at the resort.  I didn't go diving, but I did buy ice cream there.

We spent a good chunk of one day at this small cay island called Gilligan's Island.  Cue the coconut television jokes. 

Apparently taking a photo of this woman almost always results in this hip-cocked sassy look.

This place was amazing...crystal clear water flowing between mangroves, with wildlife everywhere. 

There weren't a ton of fish, but when one did go by you could see it easily through this clear water. 

The water was about titty deep for the most was easy to wde out in the middle of the channels and take photos. 

One of the coolest parts of the who trip was when this vulture landed on a tree just above where we were camped out for the day. 
Ugly bastard, but fascinating nonetheless. 

He swooped around a few times, looking for food presumably, and then would come back and land on the limb only a few feet
away from where I was sitting. 

These crabs were everyhwere, but you had to look closely to see them.  This photo is pretty blown up and it took me a ton of
tries to snap a non-blurry photo of them. 

These little shore birds were all over too.  Even harder to get a photo of than the crabs. 

One afternoon we took a ride down the road to San German, the second olderst city in PR and third oldest in the US. 

It was a surprisingly large town, but the old part was pretty neat.  Very schizo in their architecture though, with 400 year old
churches next to colonials next to art deco buildings. 

And also lizards with crazy throats. 

Lots of neat colors and such.  Plus it helped we were there at dusk when photos look the best. 

One of the old churches.  In the event you didn't realize this. 

Some of the buildings looed right out of New Orleans.  Or rather New Orleans looked right out of this place. 

Not one of the newer buildings. 

And that was our trip to Puerto Rico...recommended if you like a nice mix of history and beach time. 

Oh yeah, on the flight home we flew over some Carribean islands or the Keys or something...either way
it was an amazing sight.