Pool Party July 2005

As a housewarming for our new Oakland abode as well as a birthday celebration for me,
we had a few friends over for a pool party.

This first chunk of photos was taken with my half-frame camera...

Chelsea prepared for the arrival of guests by giving a blow job, while Todd snacked
and worked on bulking up his tiny frame.

Ajax came and brought his son Genghis, er, Angus.  They brought donuts, the best
pool party/housewarming gift anyone can recieve really.  Angus squirted water on anyone
within reach...whether you were swimming or not, you got wet.  

Todd came with his special lady friend Susannah.  She won the "best hat award".

I made Todd put it on for a photo op, but he wasn't really having it.

The Conan showed up, and in the process enjoyed himself an adult consumable.

He brought with him his special lady friend Tanya, who got all kinds of unruly in the pool.
It was pretty awesome.

At one point she seemed ot be the ringleader in some attempted synchronized swimming

Drew was there, unprepared to swim, but got in anyways in his skivies.  Somehow, this
didn't surprise me.  

Also unprepared was Lomo, but she got in too!  In her dress!  She won the "so punk rock"
award for the day.  Good thing that dress wasn't denim.

Another pic of Lomo, who is always laughing.  Sharon was there with her special man
friend Ian.  Here we see Sharon doing her impression of a 1970's era Jewish lady who
has moved to Florida.

Mike came with his special lady friend Amy, and his special hairy friend, moustache.
(Word on the street is that there was some "Just for Men" usage to make that caterpillar
fill out...not that there is anything wrong with that)

Seth even made it, all the way from the no mans land otherwise known as the peninsula.

I still can't get over Sharon's glasses.

Oh! Here she is without them.  And here is one of the brief moments Ajax came out of
the pool...he too brought his good friend mr. moustache along for the ride.  I think next
tme I throw a party I'm going to suggest everyone bring their moustache with them, it's
what Tom Selleck would have wanted.

Here we see Tack getting out of the pool, in his denim cut-off shorts.  I'm pretty sure those
things are probably still drying out.  Meanwhile, here is Susannah and Todd, doing nothing
to earn their keep around here.

These pics came from the digital camera thingy...

If only this shot would have been a few seconds ealier, you would have seen an action shot of
Drew doing a cannonball in his underwear.  

Here's Drew in non-swimming mode.  Cold chillin'.

I love Ian's tough-guy pose here, I hope it wasn't on purpose for the camera and he just naturally
stands around like that.  This is in fact Sharon's natural pose, cell phone attached to ear.

Oh look, it's me!  And you can see my farmer's tan from the other side of the pool.

Look, it's Ashrita, not swimming!  So lame.  Here she's putting her sunglasses on me for reasons
that are beyond me as of writing this.

But the obvious reaction, once having such glasses placed on you, is to obviously go into
"tigress" mode.  Rowr.

Here we have Mike and Amy and Mike's moustache swimming.  

Missy and Zach even came, althought they were too late for ice cream cake.  You snooze you
lose, suckas.

Olivia! Sharon! Ian! Exclamation points!

This is Patrick, one of Chelsea's school chums.  I had never met him before this day but he
seemed like good peoples.

Tanya and Conan holding down the pool.  Look, Conan got himself one of those great farmer's
tans like I got!  I hear they are all the rage.

Here you get a good shot of Lomo swimming in her dress, so rad.

Please note how dirty Sharon's ass is.  That's all I have to say on that.

You can see Erin smiling in the background here, the only one acknowledging the camera.  Also,
please take note of my shirt to your left.  Yes, it is awesome.

Here you get a color version of Susannah's awesome hat.

I have no idea what the crew is doing here, but I'm going to guess planning their world domination via
synchronized swimming.  Please note the pool creeper in the background.

Everyone loves a pool party.