Patio Construction - May 2008

Harriett somehow bribed us to drive up to the mountains ans help them finish building their patio.

The cicadas were out in full force, buzzing up a storm.  It was damn near deafening at times.

Bryan rented a bobcat to make things easier.  Well, easier for him at least...ha.

Chelsea and I took turns posing on the bobcat as if we actually knew how the hell to operate the damn thing.

Women, they be hoeing it up!

When Bryan builds something, nothing gets used more than that level.

Max wanted no part of patio building...instead, he spent his afternoon looking around for cicadas to eat (and then
subsequently getting yelled at by Harriett for eating the tasty, tasty bugs).

The progress after day one...where most of the time was spent trying level out the dirt...toting around those heavy-ass
flag stones wasn't any joy either. 

Tired Chelsea.

The Hall clan trudged through the thicket in an effort to help drink our beer and guffaw at our shoddy work.

Art is totally fascinated with building equipment, so of course he needed to sit in the bobcat himself...

And then his dad proceeded to try and make him throw up.

Max, the patron saint of websites.

Smithers came out of hiding for about two minutes to check shit out, and then promptly disappeared again.

This was the end of progress on day two...we ran out of flagstones, so Harriett and Bryan would have to finish the last
of it without us. 

Some folks then came over, food was grilled, Max begged for scraps, good times all around.

Bryan and Mamaw enjoying cake and beer.

Art continues right back where he left off the day before, digging in the dirt.

True story: kids love watermelon.

Dogs: they might love watermelon?

Or maybe not.
(Though Harriett claims he does eat it sometimes.)

A fine dog and a fine trip up to the homelands.