Vacation Week on the Outer Banks - September 2011

A week of late summer beach vibes in Nags Head with a crew of friends.  This should be done every year. 

Highway 64 all the wayto the beach, part freeway and part small town living...

The bridge over the're getting very close...

Finally, the beach! 

An overprocessed instagram version of the beach...there will be a lot of these in this post. 

Did I mention there was a hurricane happening?  Not right on top of us, but just off shore.  Lots of wind and rain and not much,
um, swimming. 

Hirricane debris on the beach.  There was also what looked like a pontoon boat roof, which was less photogenic than driftwood. 

Brian and his whole clan were there with me all week, including Booker T aka Little Bit, Ben aka Egg (not pictured here), and
Kathryn (who managed to avoid my camera the entire trip). 

Ivan Howard was also there, though not for the whole week - he peeled out halfway through to handle some rockstar duties. 

And finally Darren and Alycia, who came all the way down from tiny ass Rhode Island. 

Truly, a beach vacation isn't legit until you find a trash can painted with a teddy bear
dressed as Kanye West. 

We ate tasty fried fish here.  This was not one of the fish, this was a wall decoration. 

All the boys at the end of the pier.  I'm pretty sure this was the first time we'd all been together since 1994/1995 at UNCW.

Island style.  Jacked up giant tire trucks everywhere. 

Lots of acoustic guitar plinking all week out of this crowd. 

Ivan getting some island style.  If this isn't the cover of his solo album I'm not sure what could
possibly be more fitting. 

It's just not a successful beach trip until someone works a Dale Jarrett puzzle. 

Ben displays his upside down vampire teeth. 

Screwing with a napping child, one of life's simple pleasures. 

Got to see lots of meltdowns from Booker T.  He would just pile onto the floor and wail
until he got it out of his system. 

...And then he'd do stuff like this, and the meltdowns wouldn't seem quite as bad. 

Island flowers. 

Went over to Jockey's Ridge for some sunset photo snapping. 

Sand detail...

Sunset was starting.  Not sure how to make funny sunset captions. 

The yankees needed to get their BBQ fix since they were in the south, and there was a surprisingly
good joint up the road from Nags Head called Pigmans.  Here Darren displays proper etiquette. 

The weather got nicer and nicer the as the hurrican got further away.  But the sea was still angry that day, my friends. 

Drooling gull is drooling. 

Sandpiper of some sort.  Too lazy to find my bird book.  Love these guys though, always scurrying around and running from the
tide.  Very cute birds. 

All the boys were excited for the hurricane surf, but especially Darren.  Dude is a surf nerd, talking about measuring buoy heights
and using a sextant to calculate the trajectory of the moon or some such shit.  I dunno, I kinda tuned out cause none of it made sense. 

Dude fucking ripped though, and was fun to watch from the shore.  Fuck if I'm surfing, drowning is for the birds. 

See that giant longboard Brian is carrying?  He didn't carry it home.  Shit got broke. 

"I'm sorry son, you'll have to buy your own surfboard.  This one is about to get demolished beyond repair."

There is nothing Booker T likes more than a pile of beach debris.  Entertained for hours. 

One of Ben's few moments of enjoying the beach.  He's scared of the water and doesn't like to get sandy.  He makes up for that
with his love for sweat bands. 

Despite the sparsely populated beaches the banner planes were still out, much to the children's delight.  Hell, I love looking at
them too. 

We took a drive down to the Bodie Island light house one of the days. 
Mosquitos the size of small birds I'm tellin' ya. 

The visitor center was closed due to damage from Hurricane Irene, so we tooled around outside and got eaten alive. 

Took a photo of a photo being taken.  So I can check that off my list of "cheesey photos to get". 

Hey, they have grasshoppers on the coast too!

I'm not sure if this crow looking bird eats mozzies, but if he does I'm surprised he's not obese. 

This lighthouse is on the sound-side of the island, and adjacent to a huge swath of marshes. 

...Marshes thick with egrets.  Literally, dozens and dozens of them. 

After a week, it was the road back home.