Random Photos from the Old Camera - 2011 to 2016

So I was using my old point and shoot camera while my expensive one was in the shop.  The wife sometimes uses this camera.  It turns out in her
years of use, she has never deleted the old photos off of it...so I downloaded them and edited a couple for reasons that are no longer clear to me.  
Boredom I think.  

This is somewhere in souther California...Malibu probably.  


She went on a cruise with her mom (and without me!), so this is probably some tropical island.  

Yep, definitely a Caribbean island.  

Hey, it's that one island where the planes land right over the beach!  The internets says this St. Maarten.

Weird pod building is weird.  

They love these style of doors in the Caribbean.  Apparently she takes after me, as I took a ton of photos of these too last time I was down there.  

View from the boat I'm guessing, unless she climbed some sort of tower in the middle of the ocean.  

What a dump (probably Ft Lauderdale, a town full of poors).

Aw, Mousey.  I miss my kitty.  About time to bring a new furry friend into my life.  

Dumb dumb dog is still doing his thing though, stinkin' and eatin' and knockin' the baby over.  

Speaking of the baby, get ready for a bunch of pictures of her.  She's probably 2-3 months here.  So bald.  

I wish I had an adult sized version of one of these.  This might have been the only time she slept on this thing.  

A little older but still not sitting up.  Tongue works though.  

Nonplussed about swinging.  

Hanging with Uncle Skyler.  

Holy shit this face.  

This kid is weird man.  I blame her mother.