Vacation at Ocean Isle Beach - August 2009

Through the hookup of my good man Todd and his family, we had a house at Ocean Isle Beach for a week.

Bryan was ready to party.  And by party, I mean get sunburnt. 

I'm quite certain Chelsea will give me crap for posting this photo of her (like she does for most photos of her I post), and I'm
ok with that. 

Ben, the "shit face" stare he has perfected, and his parents came down from Wilmington to get sunburnt with us for the day. 

Mamaw set up shop under the umbrella like beach royalty, and just cold chilled all day. 

Here we have documentation of Brian and his half-assed attempt to fly the kite in some effort to impress his child, who clearly
couldn't give two shits. 

And here we have the aftermath - Bryan spending half an hour trying to get the knots out of the kite line after Brian screwed it up.

He may only technically be riding a little mound of froth, but I'm pretty sure this counts as Brian "hanging ten". 

Forgot to zoom the camera out, but the photo cracks me up so I posted it anyways. 

What I was trying to document - Chelsea's crazy beach hair.  Nevermind her half-assed Gene Simmons impression. 

Ben put on a "Risky Business"-like dancing display, but my camera trigger finger was too slow to properly document it. 

For lunch they cooked what is called a "low country boil" I'm told, but I'm pretty sure they just put every piece of food in the house
in a pot and cooked it. 

Collective face stuffing. 

Collective face stuffing: the aftermath. 

More aftermathiness.

The Weeks crew headed back to Wilmington with Ben stroked out on sun and sausage. 

More beach hair.

Since my ass likes to sleep in, we'll go with "sunset" on this one. 

Now there will be a couple of too-close photos of seashells for those out there with poor eyesight...

Mom and Bryan went on some manner of fishing expedition and this was one of their photos of the big amberjacks that Bryan
caught (and they subsequently ate). 

At some point we decided to go to Carolina Beach via the Fort Fisher ferry.  Here we have Mamaw and Bryan waiting to board
the boat.

Aboard the ferry.

There were actually 45 children on board and the captain was forced to have one of them jump overboard.  True story!

See that conical brick building?  That is Price's Creek lighthouse, used to help blocade runners during the civil war.  Read all
about it here

Despite having been exposed to the word and having known it's meaning for most of my life, I'll can't imagine not getting a
chuckle  from the word "shaggin", and knowning that people like to go to the beach and do "it".

It wasn't breakfast, but no trip to Carolina Beach is complete without a stop at Britts. 


You gotta love seedy ol' Carolina a lot of ways I find it much more appealing than the other beaches.

Finally, I felt a need to take a photo of the Joy Lee apartments, as featured in the hilarious show "Little Brittain America". 
Apparently it's also on the national register of historic places or whatever it's called.  Either way, next summer we might have to
book a night there one weekend, just ot say we stayed there.