Trip to the Oakland Zoo August 2006  

When my mom and Bryan came for a visit, it seemed like a good time to play local tourist and
finally visit the Oakland Zoo.  Generally I'm wary of small-time zoos, cause they can have the animals
set up in some pretty depressing scenarios - but this place was pretty great for its size.

The entrance.  Those heads aren't real, just so you know - putting dead animal heads at the front
of your zoo is totally frowned upon in the zoo community.  Just an FYI.

The pink flamingos greet you at the entrance, but let's be honest here - they're more like off-
white flamingos.

There were lots of monkeys in this place.  I've forgotten the names of all the different varieties.
What do I look like, some sort of monkey expert?

Bobcat!  One of my all-time favorite cats, and I like the cats the best.

Chelsea was not a part of any of the exhibits, contrary to the rumors that have been floating
around the internets.

Parrots - not really what I think of when I think of zoo ehibits, but cool nonetheless.

Another type of monkey - these things were super tiny, not much bigger than your hand.
I would have totally taken one home in my pocket but there was a sign saying not to put
these monkeys in your pocket.  Bummer.

Monkey, version 3.  This guy would just hang like this for days.  And by days, I mean he was
there the entire five minutes I stared at him.

This giant tortoise really wanted the hell out of that pen he was in.  I would have helped him out
and then ridden him as an escape vehicle, but the little voice inside me noted this was maybe
not the best idea.  Especially since the coppers ride ostriches.

Lemurs!  MY cat looks just like these awesome fuzzy bastards, only different.

Beaver.  (note to self: insert sexual inuendo joke here later)

I'd never seen this particular breed of rabbit before.  

Bryan and Harriett, enjoying their zoo time.

Lazy warthogs.  I guess if I was that ugly I wouldn't try very hard either.

The greatest animal known to man: the giraffe.  I never get tired of looking at these guys.  So weird
and neat and graceful.

And here we have a baby giraffe!!!  I'm not going to lie, this made me really goddamn happy to see.

The king of all beasts, here demonstrating his dominance over laziness and napping.

Meerkats, one of the most popular attractions at the park.  Gotta love those dinosaur arms they have.

Harriett and Bryan, taking a break.

One of the less lively animals in the park.  

Molting camels, which is different from molten camels.

The zoo visit is over; please, don't wake the tigers as you exit the park.