Outer Banks Weekend, Day Three - June 2012

We took a leisurely drive back home via Manteo and the aquarium.  Chelsea celebrates by sitting on a giant fake turtle. 

The view from the west side of Roanoke Island (where Manteo and the aquarium are located). 

Inside...gator.   Or crocodile.  I get those big-jawed bastards confused. 

This time real turtles.  Chelsea was forbidden from sitting on these. 

Puffer fish.

It's what's for dinner. 


The yokel of the sea.  Look at those teeth!

Near Fort Raleigh National Historic Site - home of the first colony of settlers on this land.  The "lost" colony. 

We also stopped in Columbia and walked the Scuppernong River Boardwalk.  It's free and worth a stop if you have a little bit of time to spare. 

Lots of turtles on the walk.  And snakes.  And dragonflies.  Didin't see any gators though.  Or swamp things. 

Instagram shots from the day...

Another shot of the gator.

And another shot from the Scuppernong River Boardwalk.  I never get tired of saying the
word Scuppernong.