Outer Banks Weekend, Day One - June 2012

We decided to take a long weekend break at the Outer Banks - the old lady had never been, and I can never go often enough. 

Did some backroad driving through Eastern North Carolina...lots of small towns, the birthplace of Catfish Hunter, and farms.

Lots and lots of farms. 

And trailers. 

We made a stop in scenic Edenton, which was quite a neat little town.  Unlike most of the area the downtown was fairly lively and nearly
all of the town restored to former glory.  Lots of retirees here keeping it afloat apparently. 

River lighthouse. 

The old Taylor Theater, still in use.  Would love to have seen the inside of this place.

There was a drug store with a real soda fountain in it.  I had a tasty fresh squeezed lemonade.  I'd be there every single day if I lived nearby. 

Finally got out on the banks and finished our evening at Jockey's Ridge.  Giant sand dunes as far as the eye can see.

And sometimes the old lady is standing right there in them.

Instagram shots from the day...

Driving through ENC. 

Another shot of Edenton waterfront. 

Downtown Edenton. 

Jockey's Ridge.