Outer Banks Weekend - April 2016

Chelsea's family was visiting so we decided to take a weekend trip to the Outer Banks.

As always my favorite photos come from me taking photos out of the window of the car while we cruise around on backroads.  

These were taken on highway 64 eastbound between Williamston and Columbia.

One day I hope I get wished a happy birthday from a small town fried chicken joint.  

We made a stop at the Scuppernong River Boardwalk in Columbia for naturing and such.  

Believe this was a redbelly watersnake...big bastard who was out sunning himself but slithered off when I stared too long.  

The conversation log.  

Bird condo.

Bodie Island Lighthouse dressed up all pretty for us.  

Bro & sis.  

The view of her backside.  

Stopped off and stared at the national seashore for a little bit...

Nature is a cruel mistress.  

The famous Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.  

What is this? A lighthouse keeper's house for ants?

The view of Buxton from the top of the lighthouse.  

On our way back home, driving over the gigantic Alligator river.  

Apparently they're out of sweet potatoes.  

A few phone photos...

Lola's first time in sand.  She seemed very intrigued.  

Wright Bros monument - very art deco.  

Panoramic shot from Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.

Just a man walking a horse down the main road in Buxton, as one does.  

Uncle and niece.  They got along swell.  

Top notch beach house art in our rental.  

So many windsurfers bobbing around on the sound side of the islands.  

We did a u-turn just to go back to this vintage shop and look at this DeLorean.