North Carolina State Fair - October 2008

Mom and Bryan came down from the mountains for some organized bad food eatin' and farm animal gawking...

Ah, the fair.  Lots of odd-looking people to gawk at and lots of bad food to stuff in your gob.

Thia photo was included just for the American Starship Eagle:  a magnificent brown trout.

There was a tent full of owls.  Owls!!!  Obviously this was one of the greatest tents ever, and I have crappy blurry photos to
prove it.  This fella is a screech owl.

A barn owl and a some-other-kind-of owl. 

Bryan, mentally preparing himself for the feast of ice cream and hush puppies that would follow. 

I think this might have been the first time I've seen a team of John Deeres making ice cream, but they did a damn fine job.

Geese: you get none of my ice cream.  None.

Jill.  Jack not pictured (he was standing just to the right).

There is a grist mill on the state fairgrounds where they make their own hushpuppy meal.  It's pretty much one of the greatest
things ever.

That is one big ass Smokey the Bear, I'm here to tell ya. 

I think I gained five pounds just breathing the air around the food stands. 

Insert Will-Ferrell-as-Harry-Carey quote from Saturday Night Live here. 

Insert reference to the great documentary "Roger & Me" here. 

There is valuable information to be found when you take a bathroom break. 

It would appear the airbrushed clown has been shot. 

Nothing says goth like a single pink balloon!

Wait a second...I thought San Francisco was bear country?!?  Oh, right, different bears.

Double the cock, double the fun!

A rather tame photo, but you'll note this devil is totally sticking his head over into the next cage and eating their hay.  Dastardly!

Not being the sort that usually falls for a gimmick, I decided to give deep fried Reese's Peanut Butter Cups a go.  The verdict:
meh.  Not bad, just nothing special...the batter was a little thick, the chocolate melts into the batter, and the peant butter pretty
much maintains it's typical shape.

Sunset.  Obviously.

I actually managed NOT to eat a funnel cake.  That might be a first. 

Time for these high rollers to head home...