Nevada County Fair August 2006  

No summer is complete without a trip to the fair!  Man, it makes me wish I had a funnel cake RIGHT NOW.
Most of these photos need no captions, just some night pics of the rides...

Apparently this was Chelsea's favorite ride as a kid.  Looks like a vomit machine to me.

This is more my speed.

Chances that someone who looks as rough as Ozzy has operated this ride at some point = pretty high.

Please note the spelling of "orient".  Oh those crazy carnies and their lack of dictionaries!

We got some photo booth photos taken like we always do - see the results below... I really
like the second one a lot.

Creepy bastard.

White supremicist sheep are all therage at fairs.

And so are giant ballsacks.

Twisty-horned goat says "come again next year!"