Visiting New York City April 2003

Chelsea and I took a lovely spring visit to NYC to see my friend Ray.  
She'd never been before.

This was in the trash can pretty muchright beside where the above
photo was taken.

Chelsea with Ray lurking in the background on his phone.

This is Chelsea in Chelsea in front of Chelsea Coffee Co.

This is Ray's apartment, where we stayed.  
Apparently some hip grafitti art nerds lived there before him.

Hobbies in Ray's apartment includes playing with the "bonger".
And more importantly...

...playing with Ladu!
Ladu is a fuckin' awesome dog.

But Ladu absolutely DOES NOT like skateboards.

Ladu and me.  I think you can tell we were pretty smitten with him.

The only thing nearly as awesome as hanging out with Ladu -
getting pizza at Lombardi's.  For love of god it is the best pizza
I've ever had.