Visit to the North Carolina Zoo - October 2017

That feeling when you take your kid to the zoo for the first time, but don't take any photos of her with your good camera and have to include phone photos at the
end so you don't feel like a bad father.  You instead spend your time taking mediocre photos of captive animals like you're a goddamn safari journalist or some

Obviously, captions aren't always required here.

Ring tailed lemur.

Red ruffed lemur.

Chilean flamingo.

Scarlet ibis.


South American red footed tortoise.  

Summer tanager.  

Nicobar pigeon.

Grizzly bear.  

Is it weird I was almost as happy to see this classic Land Rover Series 1 as I was the animals?

The phone snaps where I remembered to include my kid...

Lo fed a piece of lettuse to a Giraffe.  I was actually impressed she was brave enough to do it.  

She was fascinated by the chimps.  

She wasn't as interested in feeding this much more forward giraffe.