North Carolina Zoo - October 2009

I hadn't been to this zoo since I was a kid.  On a drive back from Charlotte (Ikea!), we decided to spend an afternoon there. 

The most important exibit was the first one through the gates  - the giraffes!  Obviously, nature's greatest achievement. 

They had just built a deck where you could look the tall bastards right in the eye.

You could also feed them!

Fact: the giraffe is more awesome than you.

The zebra, nature's black and white test pattern.

Chelsea brakes for elephants.  Then again, if you didn't brake for an elephant I'm pretty sure the elephant would do the braking
for you.

This rhino was very docile and calm, and would allow you to take photos with him.  He was almost cold and lifeless.

This one was a little more lively, moving around and such. 

This is an elephant, in case you were wondering.

Lazy damn lions, laying around like a house cat.  I paid an entrance fee dammit, I want shenanigans!

Monkey business - it's chimptastic!

Would it have been too much for them to paint one of the apes purple and dress him like Grape Ape?

The red-assed babboon is sitting on his red ass, most likely making it more red.  A vicious circle.

I have nothing funny to say about flamingoes.  They are very serious birds not to be trifled with.

There was an indoor bird and plant sanctuary/arboreteum/whatever the hell it was called.  And I saw a kingfisher!  He wasn't
wearing his crown or fishing.

The bison and the elk refused to get anywhere near the fence.  Assholes.

The bear gave me a grumpy look like I was disrupting his swim.  I definitely try not to get on the bad side of bears as a general rule.

The only animal to give the giraffe a run for his money in the "perfect animal" department, the owl!

Sometimes polar bears turn green because of algae growing in their hair follicles.  Not that this one was green, I just felt like
pointing that out. 

If this seal were a human dude you could see his balls in this pose.  But it's a seal, so you can't.

And then I went home because you can't top that.