Trip to Mt. Mitchell - September 2012

I grew up underneath Mt. Mitchell (you could see the sun reflect off of windshields in the parking lot at the top of the mountain from my front
yard) and an adjacent mountain is named after a relative of mine, but it had been years since I'd driven up there...

A rain storm moved out just as we got there so the clouds were popping off.

Pretty easy to see why they are called the Blue Ridge mountains...

The road up the mountain and the rain evaporating into the atmosphere. 

Lots of dead trees from acid rain. 

Chelsea had never been up there.  I don't think I had been since I worked on the Parkway in high school.

Rambo and the Rash clan joined us, but this the only photo I took. 

No idea what this plant is but it looked cool.

The forest around the mountain is pretty much a rainforest - mushrooms everywhere. 

The mountain path.

Light and moss.