A Couple of Mountain Trips - May & June 2011

Went up the mountains a couple of times in May and June - these are the combined photos. 

Took a walk up to Tom's Creek Falls.  I'd somehow managed to never go there. 

The walk was in the woods.  You know, trees and shit. 

The crew.  As you might expect, Burt quite enjoyed himself.  And at some point dragged Chelsea to the ground out of excitement
that there might be a squirrel somewhere withing five square miles.

A view of the falls.  Probably get a better view in the winter when the trees ain't
bragging about their leaves and shit. 

There used to be a mica mine up there.  These are the remnants of where the water wheel used to be. 

And this was the mine, or at least the entrance.  The rest of it is underwater. 

Look at Rambo longingly wishing he had his bike, as Chelsea wheels off with her stolen quarry.

Lauren consoles Rambo for the bike thievery. 

Possum Hall might need  bigger helmet. 

I saw a turtle. 

I got Possum and Rash to go see the Reigning Sound with me (Chelsea was there too, somewhere).  They didn't get too excited
for it but it was an awesome show as always, no matter how weird and Ashevilly the crowd was. 

You stay classy, San Diego.

We took a sunset ride out on Lake James on one of the trips. 

The Captain helms the ship.  Hoist the lanyard, jetty, stern side, and all that boat talk.  Ahoy.

Harriett cadillac'n in the back of the boat.

Max always enjoys a ride, be it car or boat or whatever. 

The handsomest brattiest dog in the world.

A hazy Table Rock on the background.  Or Hawk's Bill.  Some goddamn mountain.

Rich people.

What is that up there?

Oh yeah, the sun.

You know, sunsets and shit.