Work Trips to Miami - December 2015 & January 2016

I briefly had a job that required me to go to Miami a number of times.  These are all from my phone, and possibly only interesting to me.  

Every flight was before sunrise, so I saw a lot of this.  

Biscayne Bay.

Miami Beach.  This is as close as I ever got.

I'm no fan of MIA, terrible dining options.  But, colored glass.  

This proper British gentleman reading Classic Trains magazine delighted me one day during a
very long flight delay.

Anyone need a cab?

My favorite rental car of all my trips - Fiat 500X.  Would love to have one of these.  

Sunsets and shit.  

Bird party at the table next to me during lunch one day.  

Apparently they're filming the next Fast and Furious in Doral, no other reason for this to be there.  

Both work and my hotel was right next to the airport, so this was the norm.  

Amazing caveman-style church I randomly ran across one night while looking for somrwhere interesting to go for dinner.  

Yesterday and Today Records - so many records piled on top of each other.  Great selection but a
little pricy, or at least pricier than here in the Triangle.  Given how big Miami is, the lack of record
stores is somewhat shocking.  

Scene from the nearly dead mall not far from my hotel.  

On my last weekend there I got out of Miami (more on that in the Everglades post) - super tasty mexican food at this joint in the imaginatively named Florida City.  
Speedy Gonzalez agrees.  It's called Rositas if you're in the area.  

Cool old theater in the not-very-interesting town of Homestead.  I did get a slurpy there though, so
it's not all bad.