Trip to Mexico, Part Two: Convento de Sisal & Ek Balam - November 2012

One of the must-see items in Valladolid is the Convento de Sisal.  Built in the mid-1500s, this place is way more interesting than you'd
expect an old church to be. 

Jesus and shit. 

The upstairs...great light.

Convent dog!  Very friendly.  And lazy...he didn't move from this spot the entire time we were there. 

Our first visit to Mayan ruins, Ek Balam - about 30 minutes north of Valladolid.  Very mellow, hardly anyone there.  And you can actually
climb the ruins here. 

The ball court.

Unlike many of the other sites, the big pyramid here is partially hidden by the trees so you don 't get to see the dramatic size. 

Looking up the steps doesn't seem as scary as it feels when you're on top of it. 

A fossil in one of the steps up the pyramid.

Some restored artwork, protected by palapas.

The view of the other ruins from the top of the pyramid. 

The view of the wife from the top of the pyramid.

Looking the other way...a whole lot of nothing.

Iguana!  They're everywhere, and I took photos of all of them.  Ridiculous tiny dragon dinosaurs. 

A few shots via instagram...

The road to Ek Balam.

Looking up the stairs...

...and then back down them.