Trip to Mexico, Part Two: Various Ruins - February 2018

In addition to sitting on our asses and floating in water, we rented a car for a couple of days and saw some Mayan ruins.  

Our first stop was Coba, which is in the middle of nowhere between Tulum and Valladolid.  This was the smaller pyramid.  

Skyler & Chelsea pose with a stoned toddler.  

Is this supposed to be a skull stone or a monkey stone?  Or maybe a MONKEY SKULL STONE?!?

Parasitic air plants everywhere.  

Sometimes she looks like such a little kid.  

One of the ball courts.  

Anne managed to avoid the camera for the most part, but I did get one of her and Skyler and the extremely bright-ass midday sun.  

How the jungle takes over temples.  

The big pyramid, which you're alowed to climb.  I did not.  Too lazy, too sweaty.  

Nature's backscratcher.  

Apparently trees can get sunburned.  

I have nothing witty to say about this twisted nonsense.  

The other rock piles we visited were Tulum.  I'd been to this one last time we came to Mexico, but you can't go to this spot too many times.  

Plants and shit.  

Tulum is THICK with iguanas.  Literally you can stand in one spot and count dozens of them.  Sitting around all fat and happy like they're better than me.  
Ridiculous creatures.  

Nothing delights a child more than stealing an adult's hat and wearing it.  

Tulum has the added bonus of being right next to the beach, because the Mayans liked to lay around and catch some waves too.  

This asshole isn't hiding from anybody.  

This one's not even trying.  

The view south from the ruins...

...and the view north.

There were multiple packs of coatis roaming the ruins, or as I call them racoon monkey cats.  They were so unbothered by us humans that when one walked
past me he prushed against my leg.  It was pretty much the highlight of my entire trip.  

They seemed to be looking for bugs or grubs or something nonstop.  

Or occasioanlly play fighting.  I love them so much.