Trip to Mexico, Part Six: Playa del Carmen - November 2012

The final portion of the trip was three days of lounging on our asses at the Fairmont Mayacoba just north of Playa del Carmen.  Not a lot of
photo taking going on.  Here was one of the pools - spent a lot of time here. 

One of the other pools, this one with an ocean view.  It would get a little windy over here though on some days. 

Rough life.

I forgot to take photos of our actual room, but we were on a canal and this was the view off of our deck. 

And this was the view into the canal - it was full of striped cichlids. 

And then this dude came and hung out just off the deck and I took way too many photos of the best of my research he is a
Great Kiskadee.

One day we took a boat ride all around the canals that connect the Mayacoba property with a couple of other fancy resorts they share
some facilities with.

Plenty of water foul.

I think this was the Banyan Tree, where you get chauffeured to your room via boat! 

Lots of cormorants everywhere...apparently this is where they winter.  This one felt disturbed by our boat ceepin' on him.

There were also crocodiles!  Apparently not very many because they had names...I believe this one was called Alex.  Ridiculous name
for such a creature, as he clearly looks more like a Gary. 

A snowy egret I think, or at least some kind of egret. 

Cormorant again, bush lurkin'.

Til next time Mexico...we will definitely be back. 

A few shots via instagram...

The pool at dusk.

The canal outside our suite. 

Ocean blue.