Trip to Mexico, Part One: Valladolid - November 2012

Vacation time.  Vacation time!  VACATION TIME MOTHER FUCKERS!!!  It's been too long. 

We landed and immediately drove two hours from Cancun to Valladolid, pretty much right in the center of the Yucatan. 

After driving through some neighborhoods this is the first thing you see when you get
into the center of town -
Cathedral of San Gervasio.  

The place was all dressed up...for what, I'm not sure.  Early christmas decorations maybe?

Walking around the backstreets...

The wife at dinner.  It was a couple of months late but this trip was in celebration of our 5th anniversary.  As if we need a reason to travel. 

Conversation chairs in the town square. 

Popcorn vendor. 

I'm not lying when I say this might have been my highlight of the trip - fresh churros.  The dough came out of the metal cylinder on the left,
he dropped them in the oil for a couple of minutes, rolled them in some goddamn amazing. 

We weren't the only ones into it. 

The bounty.  We were in town for two nights and had them both evenings. 

Locals.  The woman is wearing the typical dress of the area, they are especially popular with the older ladies. 

Old Bugs are the national car of Mexico it would seem, they are everywhere. 

This thing actually ran.  The interior looked even worse.  I was impressed. 

The church during the day. 

Guard dogs.  Vicious creatures. 

Lots of interesting architecture and colorful buildings in town. 

At some point we went to the little folk museum and this happened. 

You know, plants and flowers and shit .

Visited Dzitnup cenote just outside of town, it was pretty unreal.  Basically, underground limestone pools of fresh water, and they are
plentiful throughout the Yucatan. 

We went for a swim.  Or rather Chelsea swam, I hung out on the edge like a scared baby.

Outside the cenote, a soccer game was happening at dusk.

And the trees were getting painted. 

A few shots via instagram...

Preparing to land.

The interior of the hotel we stayed at - Casa Tia Micha.  An old grandma's house that the kids
and grandkids turned into a beautiful, well-run little five-room hotel. 

Some decor details of the hotel.

The church.

In the garden of the hotel.

Papaya growing.