Trip to Mexico, Part One: Random Pictures - February 2018

Rented a house in Playa Del Carmen for a week with Chelsea's family.  I think I'm the only one who escaped without a sunburn, so it goes down as a win.

Sitting on the beach on a partly cloudy day looking at the ferries that will take you to Cozumel.  

Lo and Uncle Skyler.  He's the only uncle (or aunt for that matter) that's she's got, so he has to do all the heavy lifting.  

Chelsea and her mom.

Mexico's squirrel, the iguana.  This goofball let me get within a couple of feet of him before he shimmied off.  

I wish I had gotten a better photo, but this is an agouti.  It looks like a small capybara, and is distantly related to them.  They seemed to be fairly plentiful in Playa,
and not overly bothered by the presence of humans.  

Given it's tropical location i'm always disappointed by how few cool and colorful birds I've gotten to see in the Yucatan - I mostly chalk this up to my being
terrible at spotting birds, but I did see a number of these guys called social flycatchers.  

The underbelly of the same one after he flew to a high branch above me.  

I dunno, a creepy flower thing.  

This was Lola's first heavy use of the puddle jumper, and after some initial resistance she took to it like, literally, a fish to water.  She was swimming on her
own pretty quickly and loving every minute of it.  

Also, lots of jumping into Chelsea or my arms.  


There was a small puddle jumper airport right next to our house.  Theoretically that might have been a problem, but it was so rarely used the noise was never
a problem.  

Holy shit, got some damn good churros from this dude, and a whole bag of them was
barely more than a dollar.  He was on 25th at Benito Juarez if you find yourself in the area.  

The cenote Nicte-Ha, which is part of the Dos Ojos park (we were feeling too cheap to pay for full entry into the actual Dos time).  

The Junget twins enjoyed themselves.  

My wife has become a fish.