Trip to Mexico, Part Four: Chichen Itza - November 2012

So, Chichen Itza...let's cut right to chase shall we?  Here is the big daddy of all the monuments here, El Castillo.  Much like the Grand
Canyon or John Holme's penix, photos just don't do the size of it justice. 

A shot of it without the tree limbs...

...and at a different angle. 

And here's the serpent at the bottom of the stairs. 
OK I'm done.  Now to the rest of the park...

Temple of the Warriors. 

The columns are supposed to represent warriors, or maybe they're just columns.

Some detailed carvings.


I forget what the hell this one was. 

The Tzompantli, or Skull Platform (Plataforma de los Cráneos).

Seriously, skulls!

Close up on the carvings of the Platform of the Eagles and the Jaguars - an eagle on the right and a jaguar eating a heart on the left. 

The Great Ball Court. 

The North Temple, also known as the Temple of the Bearded Man.

All of the previous ruins were from the "new" portion of Chichen Itza; from here and below are photos of "old" Chichen Itza.  Pictured here
is the Observatory, Akab Dzib. 

The Nunnery or Las Manjas. 

Other stuff that probably has names. 

This small building beside the Nunnery, La Iglesia (The Church), was probably the most interesting building in the whole place...just the
level of detail in all the carvings, it was easily the most elaborate monument there. 

More carving details. 

Another iguana!  This guy was friggin' HUGE. 

A few photos of the Mayaland resort we stayed at, which is right next to Chichen Itza.

This peacock and a female were just clucking around the place, free as a, well, bird.  Saw them a few times. 

One of the was as cold a our old Oakland pool, but still awesome.  And beautiful scenery all around. 

"Get a load of this fuckin' thing!"

Loved these trees.  Made it feel like Africa for some reason.

A few shots via instagram...

El Castillo.

The Ballcourt. 

The Observatory. 

La Iglesia. 

The view of the Observatory from the lobby of Mayaland.

The little hut we stayed in at Mayaland. 

The patron saints of Mayaland.