Trip to Mexico, Part Five: Tulum - November 2012

After a few days of seeing things, it was time to get into the (mostly) relaxing part of the trip, Tulum and then Playa del Carmen.

Tulum was just as amazing as you've heard it is.  Gorgeous water, nice people, a real beach hippy vibe without being too irritating.

I decided to bring Chelsea with me on this part of the trip. 

As you can tell, we spent a lot of time on the beach while we were here. 

Sunset on the rockier end of the coast, which reminded me a ton of Hawaii. 

Took a short drive south to see the small ruins of Muyil.  The style of these pyramids are similar to those in Tikal in Guatamala (which I
hope to see in person very soon).

Outside of a couple of structures, most here was just piles of debris and/or unexcavated. 

A short distance through the woods was the other building in decent shape, the temple. 

The way the trees were grown into the structures here reminded me a lot of the strangle figs at Angkor Wat in Cambodia. 

That same day, on the recomendation of the owner of our hotel, we checked out Grand Cenote just a couple of  miles north of town.  There
are cenotes everywhere but with this one being partly open, it seemed extra magical. 

The water just didn't seem like real life. 

They had a ton of chickens and even some peacocks hanging out there...kinda ugly birds if you look past the glorious color. 

They also had an albino one!  No idea how rare these are but it was pretty cool. 

On our way out of town, we finally visited the iconic Tulum ruins that are right there in town.  We waited until too late in the day and it was
overrun with morons, but despite them it was still badass seeing these old buildings right on the edge of the most beautiful water you've
ever seen. 

The beach below the ruins.

The castillo.

Iguana!  This was by far the tamest one we saw, you could walk right up just a foot or two from him and he wasn't budging. 

Closer view of the main portion of the castle. 

One of the iconic views of Tulum. 

Carving details. 

The total castillo structure with all of it's outbuildings. 

Let's look at that ocean just one more time before we head to Playa del Carmen and some fancy resort livin'...

A few shots via instagram...

Our hotel in Tulum - Teetotum - complete with lazy cat sprawled in the floor.  Great place. 

The hotel owner's dog, Dali.  Super sweet and playful and occasionally lazy. 

That same lazy fat cat, now on a couch. 

The other hotel cat, this one wasn't friendly and liked to sleep in the roof. 

The beach.  Obviously.

Chelsea, bathing beauty and all that. 

One day we were joined by this awesome golden Luna as our lunch date.  The tag said
"do not feed" and I may or may not have followed that because LOOK AT THAT FACE OF

Beach hair and fancy drinks. 


Still Tulum.