Marion, North Carolina - October 2014

Had to drive up to the family's house, took a couple of pics.

Took a walk up to Tom's Creek falls and looked at a few leaves what have changed colors, as they often do this time of year.  

A little bit of red on the left...

...and a whole lot of yellow.  

Missie does not reciprocate.  Sorry Dean.  

The falls.  Not much water today.  

He goes nuts at the falls for some reason, and getting him to hold still for a photo is like pulling teeth.  So you end up with a shot like this
that is half blown out because in all the other shots he was moving.  

Still green, still liked the look of it.  

We also took one final boat ride of the year on Lake James - that is Short Off mountain in the distance.  

We nearly had the lake to ourselves.  Until next year!