Maine Trip, Part Two: Camp Menatoma & Driving to Acadia National Park - June 2017

En route to Bar Harbor, just outside of Augusta we took a detour to Camp Menatoma - a Jewish boy's camp that went out of business in the seventies, and
some families bought the cabins and turned them into vacation cabins - one of those families being a childhood friend of Chesea's.  

It was a beutiful spot, in the middle of the woods on a lake, rustic buildings everywhere.  

The actual name is Lovejoy Pond, but it was way too damn big to be considered a pond.  Mainers are weirdos.

As is usually the case, Lola enjoyed herself in the "pond."

I have no idea what this shit-eating look is about.  This kid is going to be trouble I'm afraid.  

Highway 3 into Mt Desert think they serve sandwiches here?

The bridge onto the island...this state has a real problem with fog.  They should see someone about it.  

Some phone pics...

Stopped at the LL Bean headquarters in Freeport.  This is proof.  

Another pic of Camp Menatoma.  This was the old cafeteria I believe, which is now a library/game room I think.  

Camp dog is a good dog.  

They had a dirt tennis court, complete with an old school court roller just out of view.  I bet
this is fun to play on and a pain in the ass to prep for use.  

Left shoe off...definitely my kid.  

The guard house leading into the camp.  Currently unmanned.  

The view from Bar Harbor the night we got in.  Nice town, wish we had spent more time here.  

Lola was definitely delighted.