Maine Trip, Part Three: Acadia National Park - June 2017

We spent an entire day cruising around Acadia National Park...the downside is it was overcast most of the time; the upside is it was amazing anyways, and I
was kicking myself that I didn't plan for at least another day here.  As always, I plan for too little time in the parks, but I guess it just means we have to come
back again in the future!

This mountain is called The Beehive - the hike up it looks awesome, perhaps if we come back without a toddler we can attempt it.  

Sand Beach.  True to its's name, there was sand and it was a beach.

Token family portrait.  Lola ran around the beach like a mad woman.  

A few tree close-ups, which I love to take for some reason...

Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse, the more easily accessed non-scenic view.

And the more scenic view from the other side, even if I didn't do it right (should look more like this if the weather and the photographer didn't shit the bed).  

The view in the other direction away from the lighthouse.

Also, the view looking up.

There are small towns all around the park, and those towns are full of lobster fishermen.  Because Maine.  

It's Kramer's half-brother, Fishman!
/Seinfeld reference

Somesville library.  Hell of a view.  

Eagle Lake.  It sorta started clearing up later in the day, after we'd seen most of the park unfortunately...

...but at least we got this view from Cadillac Mountain.

Couple of phone snaps...

The cabins we stayed in were cute as shit.

Mom and babytote posing in Bar Harbor.  

Old shed #1, Northeast Harbor.

Old shed #2, Northeast Harbor.