Maine Trip, Part One: Portland - June 2017

The only state I hadn't been to in New England, so let's spend a week doing that.  

First stop was Portland.  It was foggy, but we went down to Portland Head Lighthouse anyways...still looked cool even in the fog.

Views are awesome and all, but fog does add a certain charm.  

Baby birds gotta eat regardless.  

So much of the rock looked like it was actually petrified wood, even though it wasn't.  It was weird and/or cool.  

Different angle of the famous lighthouse.  

As long as we keep her constantly plied with her favorite snacks, Lola is a pretty happy kid.  

Downright delighted, even.  

More not-actually-petrified-wood.  

The lighthouse at Two Lights State Park - it was unclear if we could get closer, and I didn't actually try to be honest.  I also wasn't sure where the second light
of Two Lights State Park was.  They should change the name to One Light Over There State Park.  

Tourist ladies.  

A few phone snaps for this location...

Like everyone else I had Lola pegged as a Rum and Coke type, but she wanted a bourbon and ginger this morning.  

Cape Elizabeth, south of Portland.  

B&W version of the rocks around Portland Head Light, for dramatic purposes.  

Sometimes you go to look at a lighthouse, and a classic car show busts out.  

Bitchin' Model A in Oakland A's colors.  CLAP CLAP CLAPCLAPCLAP LET'S GO OAKLAND

Lichen or some such shit.  

North Carolina shaped rock.  We're everywhere.  

Lola's first poutine.  She was feeling it.  

Hot sausage.  

Colors down by the port.  

Lobster-based ghost is Maine after all.