Maine Trip, Part Five: Boston - June 2017

Boston, not technically part of Maine, but we went anyways.  

The view of downtown from Boston Common in the early morning.  

Stopped off at the playground in the park to let the tiny terrorist get a little energy out.  

Granary Burying Ground - important old white people are buried here.  

More importantly, the gravestones were way cooler back then than they are now.  

This skull looked like something Edward Gorey would have drawn.  

Lola's pointer finger gets the best workout of any part of her body.  

Old State House, original seat of colonial government.  Note the unicorn top right.

Paul Revere's house, best known as the dude from that one Beastie Boys song.  

Old meets new.  

We did a duckboat tour, as tourists do.  It was pretty fun.

Lola loves ducks, so obviously she was into a duckboat.  
(For about five minutes and then squirmed around like crazy.)

Tall and shiny.  

Less tall, not so shiny.  

Part of downtown from the river, from the water portion of the tour.  

A few phone pictures.

Our hotel, or at least one corner of the building our hotel was in.  

Lola checking out Benjamin Franklin.  She has no idea he is a distant relative of hers.  

Skinny house is skinny...can you even fit a king bed in there?

Sharp edges.

Not everything an be colonial or modern, sometimes you need a little brutalism.