Lola's Second Birthday - August 2017

I forgot to take many photos, but she was into it.  

We celebrated her second birthday at Gigi's house in the mountains, where she spent her time either destroying her grandmother's plants...

...or wanting to take care of them.  Toddlers!

Mom gets crown for surviving two years of crazy kid.

My ladies.  

No fancy cake here - we went straight grocery store sheet cake, as god intended.  

Here's to two!

She actually ate some of her cake this year, but she was way more into the homemade vanilla ice cream that Papaw made.  

In non-Lola news, my mom's house grows butterfly bushes everywhere like weeds.  As you can see, these plants were accurately named.  

Just because I have nowhere else to put it, here's a random photo of Lola from earlier in the month looking particularly cute.