More Lola! - September 2015

Baby photos, so hot right now.  

These next few were early in September, so she was still really tiny and fresh.  Burt wanted in on the action.

That ridiculous face.  That cleavage.  

I hope this doesn't count as child porn.  FBI or CIA or whoever is spying on this, I'm not a pervert.  

Chelsea made her wear this ridiculous...thing.  Sweater?  Ribbon delivery system?  I don't know.  

The rest were from later in the month, when she turned one month old.  Chelsea bought stickers for the occasion.  

Stickers are the new bikini top.  

Another great face.  

We got her to hold this cute pose for a couple of seconds...

...and then she tipped over.  

She's a cute kid, which makes the crying and diapers slightly easier to deal with.  Slightly.  

A few shots from the phone...

I wanted to get a shot of her in an A's hat as early as possible, so if she gets any bright ideas when
she gets older to pull for another team, I'll have proof that she was an A's fan from the start.  

I hope this shirt comes true.  

This dog is a regular Adam Baldwin, there to protect Lola from the Matt Dillons of the world.  

Mom and the goat.