Welcome to the World, Lola! - August 2015

Eleanor Elisabeth aka Lola.  5 lbs, 8 ozs.  18.5 inches.  We showed up at the hospital
at 6:30am on 8/27 for a scheduled induction, but due to some complications a c-section
was required and we were officially parents a little after 10am.  

Mom and Lola a couple of days later.  

My mom, who wants to be called GiGi, holds her grandchild for the first time.  

As does Cap'n Pawpaw.  

Phone pics for the rest...
This was Chelsea just before they started on their procedures to deliver Lola.
She didn't get particularly big, which makes sense since the kid was only 5.5 lbs.  

Fresh out the oven.  

My first time holding her...a surreal experience.  

Mom's first contact.  

Token tiny hand shot.  

She showed up impersonating Dr. Evil right away.  

Barely big enough to legally be carried in her car seat.  

Burt meets his new roommate.  He still doesn't know what the hell to think about it all.  

Brian stopped by and got to hold the new baby right when we got back from the hospital.
Some real housewives looked on.  

She is excellent at making ridiculous faces and eating her hands.  

Lola's first bath.  She seemed to dig it.  

I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of kid photos here in the future.  Sorry in advance.