Les Savy Fav, Live in Durham - July 2008

One of the best bands operating today for my money, Les Savy Fav, came to Durham and played outside behind a
museum.  For further details, see the show review posted on the main page (or wherever it has been moved to since

Chelsea waiting for the show to start, and smiling in a half-asse manner.  She may not have known much about the Fav
going in but she left a fan.  Or maybe she was lying to me, whatever. 

The crowd started filling in...much larger audience than I would have expected in this nape of the neck, er, neck of the

And then the band began....Here we see Tim with one of them webcam-type cameras taped to his head, which were
then transmitted to the screens in the background. 

Just looking at this photo I know exactly what song was being sung - "What Would Wolves Do" from the most recent
release by the band, "Let's Stay Friends". 

There was a lot of writhing on the ground by Tim, but this is the best shot I could get of it. 

Calistenics time. 

More writhing, this time with co-conspiritors. 

It was a sweaty, dancy, helluva good time.