9th Annual Lebowski Fest - July 2010

Along with these two boobs, we roadtripped to Louisville to partake in Lebowski Fest. 

En route we made a pit stop in Harlan, Kentucky to soak in the ambiance of the first Kentucky Fried Chicken.  It was everything
I'd hoped and dreamed it would be. 

Why they don't mass produce halloween masks like this anymore I'll never know. 

Brian decides to get a little frisky with the Colonel. 

We made to Louisville!  Scenic.

Our hotel and the Fest venue was right next to a shut down Six Flags...kinda creepy. 

Fuck it, Dude, let's go bowling.

Brian of course forgot his tickets in the room and had to go back.  I don't think anyone who knows him is surprised by this.

The first days festivities - a gathering of like-minded goofs to watch a little live music, imbibe, and watch Lebowski.

The Felice Brothers were the Fest headliners, and proud we are of all of them.  They were pretty good live, much more raucous
than their albums.

Fuck it! Yes! That's your answer. That's your answer for everything! Tattoo it on your forehead!

Straight up drunk as shit.  And a liquor drunk with a beer chaser, which doesn't sit well with this man. 

The next day...Brian was claiming 80% chance of vomitus when this was taken. 

Ghost signs!  I love ghost signs.

The Ohio river.  Though that isn't Ohio on the other side, but Indiana.

The Louisville Slugger museum & factory.  The bats made inside were much smaller than the one outside.  No photos were
allowed on tour so this is the extent of photos on this topic, but it was a cool tour if you like baseball.  Also, Brian hit the 100%
vomit mark about half way through the tour and made a full gallop to the bathroom to take care of business. 

The next day there were some bands and activities before the bowling party, such as throwing a coffee mug at the chief of police
of Malibu.  Who is a real reactionary, for the record. 

A replica of the Dude's car, a 73 Gran Torino, green with some brown rust coloration.  And by replica I don't mean it's a fake Gran
Torino, just not the one from the movie.  Which would make sense since the nihilists finally killed his fucking car.

Entry/exit stamps for the fest.

A Walter with a Dude vest, hanging with "I am the walrus" Donny.  And the costume madness hadn't really even started yet.

The Stranger (and this dude looked exactly like Sam Elliot), participating in the "ringer toss" game. 

Cynthia and Marty Ackerman made it back from Hawaii in time for the gathering, and the Sheriff of Malibu apprises them of the

My vote for best Dude at the event - not only did he have the jelly sandals and the beeper, but he actually looked like Jeff Bridges. 

The Seedy Seeds were the musical highlight of the second day.  Kind of a folk/electronica thing, the drummer was a bad ass
and played to a click track the entire time. 

The Chinamen who took Lebowski's legs from him in Korea, being interrogated by the crime lab in the disappearance of the
Dude's car.  They've got them working in shifts. 

A white Russian, a woman I assumed was portraying Bunny Lebowski in "Logjammin" but I'm not sure what the wand and tiara
are all about, and the cash machine where the Dude is going to get a thousand dollars for Bunny to suck his cock.  Brandt can't
watch, though, or he has to pay a hundred.

Phone's ringing Dude. 
(My second favorite Dude, for the record.)

The bowling party. 

The flyers the crime lab was passing out. 

These guys were still suffering from too many poorly mixed white russians from the previous night.  They both basically drank
about a half gallon of half-and-half each.

Bunny and Sherry from "Logjammin" checking out the dude's Walkman.

How ya gonna keep 'em down on the farm once they've seen Karl Hungus.

The thousand dollar bills the cash machine was handing out.  No idea if this actually worked with any of the Bunny's there.

Jake posing with the real Liam, James Hoosier.  He did his "strike dance" quite a few times. 

Jake also posed with the Malibu police chief.  Jake was told to keep his goldbrickin' ass out of his nice beach community.  This
guy got major bonus points for skulking around in character the entire night.

The form might look ok, but rest assured the throw was most likely awful. 

I was throwing rocks tonight!  (I was Johnson, Jake was Dick, and Brian was Rod.) (And yes I know 149 isn't that great but it's an
awesome score for me so get off my ass.)

On our way back home (a trip that due to a flat tire and some godawful traffic took 15 hours to complete to Raleigh, and then
Brian had another two on top of that), we did what every red-blooded American should do and stopped in Tennessee for fireworks.
It's honestly the only useful purpose of that state anyways. 

The whole place was white trash and kitschy and awesome in the best possible way.

A couple of the more choice packages you can purchase and scare your dogs with.