Labor Day Camping in the Mountains - August & September 2018

Went "camping" aka slept in a cabin but still inhaled too much smoke with family and friends over the holiday weekend.  Also had a second 3rd birthday party
for the kid.  I did a shit job of documenting most of it, but here were the few snaps I got...

The Lo was there obviously.

And the wife (pre-coffee).

The Rash clan was there - including the Rustler...

...and also Rambo.  Red was there too but escaped the camera.  

The Weeks crew came in from the foreign land of Wilmington - here is half of their foursome.  Please note Booker T's "smile."

There was plenty of nature and shit.

Caterpillar webs or nest or whatever the hell you call it.  It was all wriggly when you looked up close.  

We went to Emerald Village to pan for gems, something I hadn't done since I was a kid.  It was still just as fun...I enjoyed it way more than the kid.  

Full Weeks representation.  

Lo & Cho.  

Finally, all of the Rasheses.  

Dead mine crane.

Views from the Parkway...

Chestoa Overlook.  

Table Rock in the distance.  

Went to a couple of waterfalls...first was Cascade Falls on the property of Bear Den Campground, where we were staying.

It quite literally cascaded down a number of drops, this is only a part of it.  

Still haven't figured out how to get good waterfall photos.  I understand, but I can't seem to pull it off without overexposing.  

Also went to the much more accessable Linville Falls - here is the upper falls.  

Nature kid seemed to enjoy herself.  

Didn't get the good view of the lower falls because toddler, so this will have to suffice for now.  

Fonz child says "Ay!"