Trip to Los Angeles, Part Three: Miscellaneous - May 2013

These are all the other photos, the first few were taken with the real camera and the rest are from the phone, some via instagram.

These next few were all taken out of the car window while driving around town...


Took these four from my airplane window.  The first is the Mississippi, the second is the midwest, the third was over Joshua Tree (I think), and the final
one was just as we were about to land at LAX. 

I finally got to go to Randy's Donuts - dreams do come true!

We tried to go eat at this googie restaurant Pann's but they were closed for Memorial Day. 

The inside of Pann's through the door. 

I spent a nice chunk of time at Amoeba, and these were some of my finds. 

Right off the plane we went to In-N-Out, as it should be. 

More California fast food goodness - Hot Dog on a Stick!

Arrested Development bench humor. 

Head decisions part one: fandom. 

Head decisions part two: style. 

Surfrider's beach in Malibu. 

A few more Adamson house shots from the phone...

The fountain was amazing. 

Through the thick glass inside the house looking out. 

A few more Getty phone snaps too.

See you next time, LA.