Trip to Los Angeles, Part One: Malibu - May 2013

We went to LA for a long weekend so Chelsea could visit her family.  First day trip was Malibu.

Coming from the valley we drove through one of the canyons and popped out into the high class enclave of Malibu.  We were immediately
out of place with the beautiful rich people. 

Canyon walls.

Canyon mailboxes.  Hey, canyon dwellers like magazine subscriptions too.

What's more exciting here, being at the beach in Malibu or spotting a pay phone?

The Malibu pier, as featured in the most recent season of "Franklin & Bash."

The main reason we came to Malibu - to tour the Adamson house.  Instead of trying to explaing it all myself, just read about the family and
the house here.  Let's just say some rich people built an awesome house full of cool tiles from their tile factory. 

Fancy garage. 

You get a shot of some of the tile work here - this place was more tile than not. 

The view of the back of the house. 

Chelsea and her grandma. 

Apparently these ducks just like to kick it at the Adamson pool...goddamn California ducks, they got it made...

Next to the house was a lagoon full of pelicans.  This is as close as I got, but pelicans are awesome so I'm posting it anyways. 

Lemon tree.  At least I guess it's a lemon.  It's yellow, close enough. 

Surfrider beach just behind the house...famous surf spot.  Only beach I've ever been on where swimming, wading, and pretty much any non-
surfing activity is illegal.